My mission is to create a true partnership and balance between dogs and their people.  I strive every day to teach others how to achieve the right type of communication with their dog(s). Whether it's behavior rehabilitation or just starting with the right foundation, the ripple effects of good leadership will be amazing. So many lives, both dog and human, can be saved in the process.

All I need from you is the desire to make the change and the willingness to put it into practice. It is a lifestyle of leadership that I hope to create.  What I can achieve with your dog might look amazing, but it is nothing compared to what YOU can create if you are consistent and continue the good work. I will always be there to help you keep that up, and I guarantee you it will always be worth it.  You will learn not just about your dog, but about yourself as well.  You will never regret the time and effort you put in to make the right changes happen, but it will also be less work than you might think!  

Emily changed not just our life with our dog, she changed our entire lives for the better. At a time where we had given up hope, she brought our family together because of our dog, who is now a wonderful part of our family again.
— Becky Klune, client

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